Trust is a prerequisite for success.
In medicine and law.

Hello! My name is Dr. Thomas Utzerath and I have worked in healthcare law since 2005. Since then, I have supported companies of every size in renowned societies. At the same time, I have experience from in-house activities in a multi-national concern in serving the following:

  • Doctors’ practices
  • Companies dealing with pharmaceuticals and medical products
  • Producers of cosmetics and foodstuffs

You want to sell securely and successfully?

When it comes to successfully marketing new products, it often makes sense to go right up to the borders of what is allowed by law – but no further. This can be quite difficult, especially as domestic and European requirements are constantly changing.

In this task, I am glad to stand by you with my experience in designing and implementing your advertising vehicles– right from the start.

I also support you in market launches; starting with the correct legal categorization and delimitation (foodstuff, nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical?) to the deft choice of the product name through to the proper labelling and declarations on the packaging.

Healthcare and research are always driven by people. The inherent risks of product liability demand from you, as the manufacturer, a great deal of entrepreneurial care and legal responsibility.

Whether new pharmaceuticals, medical products, cosmeticsor foodstuffs:

my mission is the exciting field between properly understood legal security and carefully weighing up all considerations, without being a “sceptic” and not throwing cold water on timid innovations or sensible gambles.

The aim is that you can make the right decision.

This responsibility drives me on.

Having a reliable partner is the best insurance for your success and image. I see myself as a partner for innovators, for pioneers, those who dare to do something new. The responsibility for the fact that you can research, advertise and sell in legal security is both my profession and my calling; one which I gladly perform for my clients every day.