Product Security and Liability

Product Security and Liability

The safety of your products is certainly not a necessary evil for your company, but rather part of your identity. We Germans, in particular, tend to regard quality as self-evident and our rules and regulations help to ensure that everything is correct and that sources of errors are minimised.

If ever more relevant product errors emerge, that is a serious matter – legally as well as in corporate communications. Careful and considered behaviour is the most important step to prevent even worse consequences.

I am available to you in all questions concerning the production and delivery of your manufactures – whether you are a start-up or a multinational.

As a healthcare lawyer, I naturally have particular expertise in foodstuffs, medical products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

You want to be quite certain with regard to product liability? Let us determine and evaluate any liability risks together, preferably before you enter the market.

In a worst-case scenario

If you fear an acute crisis of having to call-back products or of facing a liability trial in front of court (and the associated questions of insurance), please get in contact with me. Together we can master the following:

  • Communication and support in a crisis
  • Preparation and performance of call-back campaigns
  • Pursuing or defending against claims to damages and for compensation
  • Pursuing coverage claims against indemnity insurers

Help in the fulfilment of duties of instruction and warning