Foodstuffs law

A new product has a long way to go to reach the racks of the (online) trade and this path requires a lot of answers:

  • How should the packaging be designed?
  • What needs to be declared?
  • What about nutritional values?
  • Above all: what should the product be called and is it allowed?

I accompany you through the entire process of product development. I check every step – from the naming to the design through to product security and marketability – and I stand by you at all times.

The core tasks are important:

  • Categorisation under foodstuffs law
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Dietic foodstuffs for special medical purposes (balanced diets)
  • Foodstuffs for general consumption
  • Product delimitation for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Advice on advertising, marketing and labelling foodstuffs
  • Advice and representation in disputes involving advertising law

Support in official supervision measures, such as call-backs, informing the public and arranging inspections